Video Interview Exclusive: “Crossfit is as dangerous as any other sport”

Crossfit Blackfriars co-owner, Richard Edmonds, was “instantly enticed” by Crossfit the moment he was introduced to it. He has noticed an increasing popularity in the fitness practice and the amount of people enquiring about classes and turning up at Blackfriars blackbox.

I think people want something new. They want variation and they see results. A lot of people who come to Blackfriars are friends of people who are already here and they see that they’re getting fitter, stronger. It’s something different and exciting. Every day is different. It’s great for your body and mind and I think that’s why it’s so popular.


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However, Crossfit is not just about the physical activity you put your body through. People who train in Crossfit tend to follow a ‘paleo’ diet. Richard describes it as, “If it swam, if it ran, if it’s out of the ground or off a tree then it’s good to eat. What we try to do is take people away from processed foods and sugar. It’s a good balance for a healthy lifestyle.”

However, critics have accused the paleo diet of triggering orthorexia, a type of eating disorder, by feeding an unhealthy obsession with eating the “right” food. Particularly when it comes to an extremely strict version of Paleo like the Whole30, some have questioned whether it’s all too easy for the diet to consume your life to the point where your dedication to “health” is doing more harm than good. In the case of recovering anorexics, the restriction of certain food types can trigger the restriction of calories as well.

However, Richard says that in order to be able to attend Crossfit classes, you need to be fuelling your body with food. “People who practice Crossfit need to eat a good amount of calories to be able to perform to their maximum capacity. If you’re not eating, you wouldn’t be able to do Crossfit, it’s as simple as that.”

A man at Blackfriars pauses to recover from a deadlift WOD.

A man at Blackfriars pauses to recover from a deadlift WOD.


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