“Crossfit is a cult” : the European perspective?

Crossfit has witnessed a huge boom in Europe over the past few years with boxes popping up in a constantly growing number of cities and countries, according to Reebok Crossfit Games online. CrossFit branches now span 100 countries, and are being added at a rapid but remarkably steady pace. Leo Marose from boxrox.com, a Europe-focused magazine for competitive fitness, says, “When we started we had 13 boxes in Germany, now we have over 150. The UK was already a bit further ahead with just over a hundred, and is now going strongly in the direction of 500. Overall there should be about 1500 boxes in Europe and it’s growing every month.”

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Crossfit Controversy: cults, coaching and crippling moves

Whilst Crossfit’s popularity may be skyrocketing, so is the criticism. Earlier this year, Crossfit came under speculation after a competitor became paralysed from the waist down from collapsing under crippling weight whilst performing a famous Crossfit move called the snatch.

The controversy not only lies in the over-exerting nature of Crossfit, but also in the arguably “too easily-achieved” coaching qualification and its likening to a cult.

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Video Interview Exclusive: “Crossfit is as dangerous as any other sport”

Crossfit Blackfriars co-owner, Richard Edmonds, was “instantly enticed” by Crossfit the moment he was introduced to it. He has noticed an increasing popularity in the fitness practice and the amount of people enquiring about classes and turning up at Blackfriars blackbox.

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NATO’s Black Box: “We’re not here to judge each other”

Fear and trepidation are words which come to mind upon entering the infamous black box. NATO’s black box has no windows or mirrors, only four black walls staring blankly back and a room full of unfamiliar equipment I wouldn’t know the names of let alone how to use. The kettle bells may have been colourful but the next hour seemed like a dark tunnel I was bracing myself to enter.

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Crossfit in a nutshell

Crossfitters would state Crossfit as “an environment too exciting and too welcoming to ever walk away from”. But officially speaking, it is “constantly varied high intensity functional movement” and ranges from Olympic lifting, to gymnastic moves, to basic cardio such as running and rowing.

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